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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Mocks Trump’s ‘Obamagate’ Push, Calls Attacks ‘Fantasies’

The ”Morning Joe“ host advised Trump the attacks on his predecessor would hurt him come November

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough laid into President Trump’s overall strategy of attacking former president Barack Obama on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” saying Trump has “fantasies” that accusing his predecessor of crimes will propel him to win re-election.

“Here’s the problem, Donald: You keep attacking Barack Obama,” the former GOP representative said. “I guess when I was five years old, I had ideas, too. I was going to build a rocket ship and fly to the moon and beat Neil Armstrong there. But your age — what are you, 75? 76? — you shouldn’t still be having fantasies.”

He went on, “You think that attacking Barack Obama is going to help you in 2020? All you’re doing is generating the vote — the turnout vote, the black vote — for Joe Biden.”

He pointed out that black voter numbers were way down in 2016 when Trump ran against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, but that group of voters could easily turn out for Obama’s vice president, Biden. He also pointed out that polling shows Trump’s lead wavering, even in historically red states and areas, like the section of Florida Scarborough once represented in Congress.

“Guess what, Donald? Doesn’t matter what you do toward black voters. As long as you’re attacking Barack Obama, you might want to check the approval ratings for Barack Obama — not only among black voters — but among Democrats,” he said before concluding the only explanation for the campaign’s strategy is that “a Democratic operative has infiltrated” it.

“You’ve got a mole in there!” he warned sarcastically.

Watch the “Morning Joe” video above.