‘Morning Joe’ Predicts 80 More Years of War Without 2-State Solution in Israel: ‘And We’re Going to Be in the Middle’

“The United States can’t continue as Israel’s partner if there’s not going to be a two-state solution,” host Joe Scarborough says

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough has been dialing up the heat on Benjamin Netanyahu lately, and on Friday the MSNBC predicted that if the Israeli prime minister doesn’t acquiesce to a two-state solution, the region will be doomed to a war that could drag on “60, 70, 80 years” or more.

Netanyahu has never fully supported a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank, though he suggested as recently as February that he’s open to a Palestine with “no military or security power.” On Friday, Scarborough suggested that Netanyahu and “extremists” have turned away from that idea completely.

“Benjamin Netanyahu and these extremists now say all of the land is theirs,” Scarborough said, “the West Bank, Gaza everything – the Palestinians need to leave. Let me tell you something: the Trump Administration thought that they could get Middle East peace by cutting the Palestinians out – I thought it was a preposterous idea at the time.”

Scarborough said he was glad to see some Middle East countries sign peace accords with Israel – but that we’ve already seen the outcome when “you try to pretend like [Palestinians] don’t exist.”

“And this is the fantasy world that Benjamin Netanyahu is living in,” Scarborough said. “And if we’re going to guarantee their existence … we need a partner that is going to act responsibly and understand there has to be a two-state solution. And now they’ve moved away from [that].”

That’s where Scarborough laid out his dark vision for the future of the conflict if a Palestinian state remains off the table:

“The United States can’t continue as Israel’s partner if there’s not going to be a two-state solution, because we’re going to see war for another what, 60, 70, 80 years? And we’re going to be in the middle of it.”

Watch the entirety of Scarborough’s rant in the video above.


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