‘Morning Joe’ Says ‘Very Easy’ Obstruction Charges Are Coming for Trump: ‘The Small Signs Are Adding Up’ (Video)

“The pleadings are going to be clean, slick, to the point; Donald Trump obstructed justice,” Scarborough said

The grand jury investigating former president Trump’s handling of classified documents is set to meet again this week after a short hiatus and, for the hosts of “Morning Joe,” that fact is just one of the many “small signs” that are “adding up” to indicate obstruction charges are coming.

During Monday morning’s conversation, host Joe Scarborough scoffed at the fact that both Trump and many on his team are still calling the investigation a “witch hunt,” with Scarborough adding that, based on who he and panelist Jonathan Lemire have talked to themselves, the feeling in Trump’s camp is actually the exact opposite.

“They — let me say the words, let me say the words. They feel, are you ready? The walls — everybody, everybody say it with me — closing in on this one,” Scarborough said. “So yes, people can mock me for saying that. Just like they mocked people on the show for saying it before the Manhattan DA came down with charges.”

As host Mika Brzezinski pointed out at the top of the conversation, there are two key questions in this particular case against Trump, one of which being whether he obstructed the government’s effort to retrieve the documents he had. And, for Scarborough, the answer to that specific question is clear.

“I mean, it’s very clear this is gonna be a very easy case,” he said. “And the pleadings are going to be clean, slick, to the point; Donald Trump obstructed justice. He obstructed the investigation, he lied.”

Lemire largely agreed, saying that, between the grand jury reconvening, and Trump’s request to meet with Attorney General Merrick Garland, “the small signs are adding up.”

“That’s usually an end stage moment in an investigation,” Lemire said. “When the potential defendant’s attorneys think charges are coming, they try to make one last plea to ward them off, or at least to ask for smaller, like less serious charges. And that is a sign of how worried that Trump’s lawyers are.”

You can watch the full discussion in the video above.