‘Morning Joe’ Compares Trump Supporters’ Needs to Porn Addiction: ‘Gets Harder and Harder to Get the Same Kick’ (Video)

Mika Brzezinski backed up Financial Times columnist Edward Luce’s frank – if a little off-color – comparison

Speaking to a recent Newt Gingrich op-ed titled “Quit Underestimating President Biden,” “Morning Joe” and its Friday morning guest panelists discussed how some perceived shortcomings of the current president may, in fact, be his strengths.

By comparison, Financial Times columnist Edward Luce posed that the strengths that once ran former President Donald Trump to victory in 2016 are now the things that hold him back.

“With Biden, it often strikes me that we overestimate the power of oratory and just how important it is,” Luce began, nodding to President Biden’s habit of stumbling on his words or lacking a poetic quality to his speeches. “Biden is proof that most voters don’t really think about oratory and the power of imagery in the way we do. And so is Trump.”

While various public appearances from Biden have been fodder for the the Right and media at large, the “Morning Joe” team argued that the fact remains that he has been able to find common ground and pass legislation more effectively than many expected. Plus, he still sounds authentic and unrehearsed on the mic; Luce posed that that’s what voters care about.

“Again and again, we assume that what we value is what voters listen to, and Biden sounds authentic. [Pennsylvania’s John] Fetterman came across as authentic, and obviously not soaring oratory, but so many people could identify with [him]. And I think that causes us routinely to underestimate [them].”

Luce then turned his attention to Trump. While the former president may not be the most poetic speaker, he is known to draw impassioned crowds for his live-wire antics and rambling speeches at rallies. He argued that it appears, however, that what worked in 2016 is growing stale. It takes Trump consistently upping the ante to hold voters’ attention and support.

“In regards to Trump, you know, this is a horrible analogy, but you read about people with porn addiction, and it just gets harder and harder and harder to get the same kick as time goes on,” Luce said. “Trump has got to be more and more shocking. He can’t replay 2016.”

“That’s so interesting,” co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in. “And now you have him doubling down or continuing with the crazy with this Kanye-Nick Fuentes visit, which I think – I don’t know, I mean, the porn addiction is a great analogy, actually. And some people are gonna be like, you know, ‘That’s too much.’”

For more from the full roundtable discussion, watch the video above.