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‘Morning Joe’ Counters Trump’s Claims Capitol Rioters Were ‘Zero Threat’ With Graphic Footage (Video)

Joe Scarborough called Trump’s defense of the violent rioters ”beyond sick“

On Friday’s “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough countered former president Donald Trump’s Thursday night claim that the Capitol rioters were “zero threat” and were “hugging and kissing the police and the guards.”

The MSNBC host ran a montage of footage taken Jan. 6 inside the Capitol, noting his show and others had shown the clips before and Trump was surely aware of them. In the videos, a Capitol police officer can be seen being violently smashed in a doorway by an advancing mob. He screams as blood spills from his lips.

“People had seen what happened on January 6,” said Scarborough. “And this bubble that Trumpists are in, this bubble that Donald Trump is in, this bubble that those who are pushing Trump propaganda are in is getting smaller and smaller. They’ve seen the video images.”

More graphic video from the attack played, showing Capitol police being bashed by shields and flagpoles.

“I want all of you to see this and understand that Donald Trump, who this country once elected as president of the United States, said there was zero threat on January the 6th,” Scarborough said, referring, as he has in the past, to the “Trump terrorists” who stormed the Capitol in an insurrection that left five dead, including one Capitol police officer.

On Thursday night, Trump told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham that the riot was “zero threat right from the start.”

“Look, they went in and they shouldn’t have done it. Some of them went in and they’re hugging and kissing the police and the guards. They had great relationships,” Trump said.

“It’s beyond sick,” Scarborough said of Trump’s comments.