NYT Reporter Tells ‘Morning Joe’ Fraud Verdict ‘Could End it All’ for Trump Businesses: If It Holds Up, ‘That’s the Show’ (Video)

“It is a very serious few years that he’s got ahead of him here,” Russ Buettner tells the MSNBC hosts

Four-time indicted former president Donald Trump was found liable for fraud on Tuesday, and if the ruling holds, New York Times investigative reporter Russ Buettner suspects it “could end it all” for Trump’s business dealings.

Judge Arthur Engoron found Trump and his sons “to be liable as a matter of law for persistent violations,” ruling that Donald Trump hugely over-exaggerated his assets and net worth on official paperwork while building his real estate empire.

(Trump took particular issue with that piece of the puzzle, immediately ranting on Truth Social that he’s worth “MUCH MORE” than the numbers reported indicate).

Appearing on “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, Buettner noted that some lawyers have called the verdict against Trump “a corporate death penalty,” and echoed that sentiment himself.

“If you dissolve these entities and disgorge them of their assets, that’s the show. That’s the whole thing,” he said. “So [Trump’s] going to fight this until the end. I’m sure it’ll go up to New York state’s highest court, and probably back down a couple of times.”

He added, “But this is — if it’s as simple as what the judge states here and it holds, it is a very serious few years that he’s got ahead of him here that could end it all.”

You can watch the full discussion from “Morning Joe” in the video above.


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