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‘Morning Joe': Trump Fans Stranded in Cold, Hospitalized After Omaha Rally Are ‘Perfect Metaphor’ for His Presidency

At least seven supporters left outside waiting to leave were taken to the hospital, according to NBC News

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts were appalled as they spent Wednesday morning explaining to viewers what happened when numerous supporters of President Donald Trump were left out in the cold — and a few were hospitalized — after his Tuesday rally in Omaha.

They agreed with the Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum, who tweeted, “Trump leaving his supporters stranded in the cold is the perfect metaphor for 2016-2020.”

“Hundreds of supporters were left behind in nearly freezing temperatures for hours,” began Mika Brzezinski, who railed against the “superspreader” nature of the rallies even without the cold temperatures, before co-host Joe Scarborough interjected, “It sounds like the Rapture.”

Brzezinski went on, “They were bussed in and then left there!”

Scarborough whispered, “Oh, God.”

Brzezinski explained that while Trump left on Air Force One, attendees began lining up for buses back to far-away parking lots, but the buses were held up by airport traffic.

“These supporters — many of them were elderly,” she said. “Reports place the outdoor temperature at 32 degrees, according to the Washington Post.”

It took three and a half hours after Trump’s departure for everyone to be removed from the site, which Brzezinski quipped was “great planning, superspreader planning.” She then added that NBC News obtained 911 calls that reveal at least seven were taken to the hospital.

Watch above, via MSNBC.