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‘Morning Joe’ Says Trump Doesn’t Have Anyone Who ‘Loves Him Enough’ to Help Him Post-COVID

The MSNBC hosts question Trump’s behavior since being released from Walter Reed Medical Center Monday

The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday questioned President Donald Trump’s behavior since his release from Walter Reed Medical Center Monday.

The morning show played a clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying Trump is in “an altered state right now,” so she doesn’t know how to respond to his behavior. From there, the show played clips of Trump calling his COVID-19 diagnosis “a blessing from God,” calling for his political rivals to be arrested and calling Sen. Kamala Harris “this monster.”

“I guess this is a very sad indictment or just a sad statement on his life: He doesn’t have anybody close enough to him, that loves him enough, that he trusts enough, that can keep him from continuing to destroy himself and politically, destroying his campaign and politically, destroying Republicans across the country,” host Joe Scarborough said.

Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed that if they were on the same type of medication Trump is on following his COVID-19 diagnosis, people in their lives would take time off to take care of them.

“There is nothing normal about this. He’s not — does not sound like he is equipped right now to be President of the United States and may not be until his steroid treatment runs its course,” said Scarborough, a former GOP congressman.

Watch the hosts discuss whether Trump should “take a rest for a week and let Mike Pence assume the presidency until he gets better” above.