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‘Morning Joe’ Lights Up Trump’s Stimulus Flip-Flop: ‘Is That the Art of the Deal?’ (Video)

The president released conflicting tweets about a possible stimulus Tuesday, causing the stock market to sink

The “Morning Joe” hosts tore into President Donald Trump Wednesday for his Tuesday tweets about a possible second round of stimulus checks.

“Is that the ‘Art of the Deal?'” quipped Mika Brzezinski after explaining that on Tuesday, Trump tweeted he wanted all stimulus negotiations halted until after the election, causing the stock market to dive 376 points (or 1.3%).

After that, he tweeted urging the passage of a stimulus bill so he could send the checks out “immediately.”

“Just staggering. Almost impossible to comprehend and try to figure out what the strategy is here. Seemingly not answerable,” she said. “We have 212,000 deaths from the coronavirus and an economy that is struggling and people that are out of work, people that are desperate just to get through the week, and they are waiting on Washington to figure out what the next coronavirus relief package will be.”

“There’s absolutely no political justification for the President of the United States in the midst of a severe economic downturn — with the Fed chairman warning that we could face disastrous consequences next year if another stimulus bill is not passed — to brag about being the person solely responsible for stopping stimulus relief,” said host Joe Scarborough.

On Wednesday morning, Trump indicated he was willing to proceed, tweeting at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, “Move Fast, I Am Waiting To Sign!”

Check out the president’s tweet below and watch the “Morning Joe” clip above, via MSNBC.