‘Morning Joe’ Says Trump’s Tax Returns Prove ‘Hillary Clinton Was Right All Along’: ‘He Was Desperate to Hide the Truth’ (Video)

Mika Brzezsinki mocked Trump for losing “more money than any other American” while writing “The Art of the Deal”

The House Ways and Means Committee voted to release twice-impeached former president Donald Trump’s tax returns this week, after political commentators and the public begged for them for roughly six years. And, according to “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski, those returns prove that a lot of people — particularly Democrats — were right about Trump.

On Wednesday morning’s show, Brzezinski pointed out that the full report on Trump’s taxes hasn’t been released yet, but argued that the 39-page summary that was released is a pretty damning start. In four of the six years highlighted, Trump reported a negative income, and the report also indicated that the IRS did not audit him annually, as is required of sitting presidents.

“It proves that Hillary Clinton was right all along,” Brzezinski said. “Nancy Pelosi was right all along; Chuck Schumer was right all along; the Democrats were right all along. Reporting from The New York Times was right all along; the Washington Post, too, was 100% correct all along. Donald Trump was not under audit. Donald Trump was lying. He was desperate to hide the truth from Americans.”

Brzezinski then dug in on what exactly Trump’s truth is, mocking the idea that he was ever regarded as “a shrewd businessman.”

“That truth, that far from being a shrewd businessman, he was, in fact, the biggest loser out of the 300 million Americans who filed their taxes with the IRS,” she added. “The man lost more money than any other American — at a time when he was writing ‘The Art of the Deal,’ this was happening.”

The “Morning Joe” host then went on to torch Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, for handling the situation with “bumbling hands.”

You can watch a segment of the “Morning Joe” breakdown on Trump in the video above.