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‘Morning Joe’ Rips Kayleigh McEnany’s White House Christmas Party Defense: ‘What Is This, 8th Grade?’

Mika Brzezinski expressed anger Thursday morning that the White House is hosting parties while people continue to die of Covid-19

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski went off on the White House’s coronavirus pandemic response Thursday morning, specifically singling out the administration’s ongoing, in-person Christmas parties and its defense of those celebrations. Brzezinski targeted White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, suggesting she’s acting like a middle-schooler in her defense of parties.

“This White House, you know what they’re doing? They’re having Christmas parties. They’re having more superspreader events. You got Mike Pompeo out there having parties. You got the White House having parties. Really?” demanded Brzezinski.

She went on, “And when the White House is asked about this, this Kayleigh individual — who calls herself a press secretary or whatever she is — says in response, ‘Oh, you can loot and you can protest — we can have Christmas parties.’ What is this, eighth grade? Are all of you in eighth grade? You’re making a mockery of the health of the American citizens, the people who voted for you and the people who didn’t vote for you.”

On Wednesday, McEnany did defend the White House’s indoor Christmas parties by bringing up the mostly outdoor protests that have happened nationwide amid the ongoing pandemic — though most of the protests over police brutality occurred during the summer, before coronavirus cases and deaths exploded throughout the country to the current record numbers.

Brzezinski spent a chunk of time on Thursday lambasting the Trump administration for its coronavirus response well beyond Christmas parties, too.

“For this president, for his task force, for Republicans in the Senate, for people who worked in the administration, it was all laid out for you. Literally, you had to work hard to do this badly,” she said, targeting Trump’s “weak, feckless, obsequious, self-serving staff and cabinet members who refused to step up and do what’s right for this country.”

She added, “All of this happening because of the worst leadership I’ve seen in my lifetime. … We know he’s trying not to lead. We know he’s going to try to have his own little party during the inauguration because he’s a big baby. But he’s killing people.”