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‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Aghast After Trump’s Chief of Staff Says ‘We’re Not Going to Control the Pandemic’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough compares Trump administration’s COVID response to history’s greatest surrenders

The “Morning Joe” hosts compared White House chief of staff Mark Meadow’s weekend declaration that the White House isn’t “going to control the pandemic” to some of the greatest surrenders in history.

“So, we’re not going to control the pandemic?” asked co-host Mika Brzezinski the clip of Meadows’ declaration played, along with a graphic of the latest COVID-19 death tally: 226,435.

“I guess you could have MacArthur on the U.S.S. Missouri accepting the surrender of the Japanese, or Roberto Duran — in his second fight with Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980 — throwing up his arms and saying ‘no mas’ … with 226,000 people dead, this is where it ends,” Joe Scarborough responded, naming major historial defeats.

“226,000 people are dead!” Brzezinski declared.

“This is where the White House’s response to the pandemic ends, with them finally — after six, seven, eight months of lying to the American people and making matters much worse — finally just giving up and saying, ‘We can’t control the pandemic,’ when, of course, you can control the pandemic,” he added.

Scarborough then expressed concern for the elderly and frustration that they continue to take the brunt of the virus’ deadly effects: “I guess younger people who want to be lied to — who love to be lied to — who will look at conspiracy theories that claim that all of this is just like the flu, they can say what they want to say, but they know they’re liars.”

As they have for weeks, the two slammed President Donald Trump for continuing to hold re-election campaign rallies around the country amid the pandemic and flouting social distancing and masking recommendations.

Watch above, via MSNBC.