Does the Movie ‘It’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

When the new Stephen King adaptation of “It” finishes, should you stay glued to your seat for another scare, or make a break for the exit?

Last Updated: September 12, 2017 @ 5:18 PM

(Note: This post contains spoilers for end of the movie “It.”)

Stephen King’s 1986 novel “It” is a huge tome that actually takes place across two distinct time periods. The story follows a group of adults who grew up in the same small Maine town, called Derry, and their memories of a monster clown called Pennywise who killed people there when they were children.

The book simultaneously unfolds the story of the adults in the present and their memories of what happened to them in the past.

The new big-screen adaptation of “It” was actually conceived to be two movies: One following the Loser’s Club as kids, and the second catching up with them 30 years later as adults.

Modern movies with sequels in the offing often tend to include teaser scenes after or during their credits, to entice fans for the next installment. Since the second “It” film is moving forward, fans might be expecting a spooky teaser scene to get in one last good scare after the movie ends.

So should you stay in your seat after “It,” or are you free to leave the theater?

Though a title card “It: Chapter 1” appears just before the credits to let the audience know there’s more Pennywise to come, there’s no bonus scene at the bitter, bitter end. However, the filmmakers have included another tease at the very end: the sound of the evil Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) cackling.

The final scene in the movie shows the kids of the Loser’s Club making a blood oath to return decades later to fight the monster if it should reappear when they’re grown up.

As for “It: Chapter 2,” New Line Cinema is moving forward on its production, so it seems the adaptation will get its conclusion. Right now, though, there’s no date set for when fans can expect to have their clown phobias reignited one more time.