Despite ‘Tenet’ Move and Surge of Infections, Movie Theaters Press Ahead With Reopening

”At some point, things have to reopen, and a lot of theaters can’t wait for much longer,“ Boxoffice analyst Shawn Robbins says

Movie theaters chains are still moving forward with their reopening schedule even as studios continue to shift release dates back and surging infection rates in multiple states, including California, threaten to upset their plans.

On Wednesday, Cinemark revealed its full plans to reopen its 345 domestic locations starting this Friday with five multiplexes in Dallas. Most locations expect to be ready by mid-July with the exception of those in cities like San Francisco that haven’t received clearance from county health officials to reopen. Regal Cinemas plans to have most of its theaters open by July 10 while AMC, the nation’s largest chain, has not set a specific timetable but expects to have most of its theaters back online by late July.

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Jeremy Fuster

Box Office Reporter • • Twitter: @jeremyfuster