Moviefone Expands Into TV, Searches for New ‘Mr. (or Mrs.) Moviefone’

You can now use Moviefone to find a show on Netflix and Amazon

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 10:05 AM

Movie ticketing service Moviefone has expanded into television, helping customers figure out where they can watch their favorite TV shows. Users can still use Moviefone to find tickets for a particular movie, and Moviefone has partnered with Disney to help sell tickets to its upcoming move “Maleficent.”

Yet AOL and Whalerock Industries have redesigned and relaunched Moviefone to please the modern media consumer. In addition to searching for movies in theaters, users can now use Moviefone to locate movies and TV shows on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon.

“If you’re staying home and want to watch Season 1 of ‘Scandal’ or last week’s episode of ‘Mad Men,’ figuring out where to get it is really hard to do – until now,” Jeff Berman, president of Whalerock Industries told TheWrap. “We’re solving a very basic consumer problem; we’ve created Expedia for TV and movies.

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AOL enlisted Whalerock, then known as BermanBraun, in October for help reimagining the Moviefone business it acquired in 1999. Fandango is now the dominant ticket purchase site.

As part of this rebrand, Moviefone will search for a new “Mr. or Mrs. Moviefone,” the defining voice of the service.

“We set out to answer a true market need by addressing the universal question: What do I want to watch, and where can I find it?,” Susan Lyne, CEO of AOL Brand Group, said in a statement. “The new Moviefone is a simple and elegant solution to that challenge.”


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