Moviegoers Pick ‘Wonder Woman’ as Biggest Oscar Snub in Atom and Fandango Polls

While there was bitterness over “Wonder Woman” getting left out, moviegoers were very pleased that “Get Out” and “Logan” got recognized

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The Academy has chosen which films they consider worthy of Oscar nominations, but in audience polls conducted by Fandango and Atom Tickets, moviegoers voiced their displeasure that “Wonder Woman” was left out in the cold.

In Fandango‘s poll of over 1,000 moviegoers shortly after nominations were announced, 39 percent of those surveyed said that “Wonder Woman” getting shut out in all categories was the biggest snub of this year’s Oscars. Atom Tickets did their own survey of over 1,000 people on the Best Picture, Director, and lead acting categories, with Gal Gadot being considered the biggest snub for Best Actress for her work as DC’s most famous superheroine.

“Wonder Woman” was by far the biggest film of the summer, grossing over $400 million in North America and helping make 2017 the first year since 1958 where the three highest grossing domestic films had female leads. There were hopes that “Wonder Woman” might be considered for some Oscars, including Patty Jenkins for Best Director as well as several below-the-line categories like Best Costume Design. Unfortunately, that was not to be, meaning that “Suicide Squad” remains the only DCEU or Marvel Cinematic Universe film to bring home an Oscar with its Best Makeup win last year.

Other performances that some felt should have been recognized include James Franco in “The Disaster Artist” and Tom Hanks in “The Post,” both of which topped Atom and Fandango’s polls as the biggest snubs in the Best Actor category.

On the bright side, moviegoers were pleasantly surprised that “Get Out” and “Logan” were among the films honored. When polling audiences for the happiest surprise in this year’s nominees, Fandango found that 38 percent surveyed picked “Logan”‘s nod for Best Adapted Screenplay as the biggest surprise, followed by Daniel Kaluuya’s performance in “Get Out” with 20 percent.

Meanwhile, Atom found that moviegoers picked “Get Out”‘s nomination for Best Picture and Jordan Peele’s nomination for Best Director were the biggest surprises in their respective categories.

For more of our surprises and snubs, check out the gallery below.