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MoviePass Is Switching to a Regional, Tiered Pricing Model

Changes take effect Jan. 1

On Wednesday, MoviePass announced a new pricing model set to take effect Jan. 1 that will vary not only in perks, but also regionally by price.

The lowest tier, “Select,” allows subscriber to see up to three movies per month, at some point during a film’s theatrical run, excluding 3D films. And like current MoviePass plans now, which films are available at any given moment is subject to change. But depending on where you live, it could turn out to be a worse deal than the current plan. People living in small markets will pay $10 a month for “Select.” Mid-size market subscribers will pay $13 per month. And people living in the largest markets will pay $15 per month.

The next tier, “All Access,” lets subscribers see any three films per month, at any time during the film’s run. So you won’t have to wait and see if the latest Marvel film happens to be on your list. However, these subscribers will also be restricted to 2D screenings. For this plan, small market subscribers will pay $15, mid-size market customers $18, and big city customers $20.

Finally, the priciest tier, “Red Carpet,” offers the same films as “All Access,” but with the added bonus of being able to see IMAX and 3D films as well as 2D. For that, you’ll pay $20 in small markets, $22 in middle markets, and $25 in major markets.

The changes come just three weeks after MoviePass’s parent company, data firm Helios and Matheson Analytics, reported that it lost $137.2 million in the third quarter of 2018.