The MPTF’s Original Letter to Patients’ Families

How then-CEO David Tillman announced the impending closure of the Motion Picture and Televsion Fund’s longterm care center

January 14, 2009

I am writing to inform you of a difficult decision we have made that will affect Jane’s stay at Motion Picture & Television Fund. After extensive deliberation, the Boards and management of MPTF have determined that we must close our Hospital and Long-Term Care service prior to the end of 2009.  The enclosed news release explains the reasons for this action and articulates our vision for the future.

Although the closure will require the relocation of patients, I want to assure you that we are not abandoning Jane. We intend to work closely with all affected patients and their families to provide a safe and successful transition for everyone. Moreover, no one will be moved for at least 60 days, and even after patients are relocated, we will continue providing service to them through newly created Community Care Teams. hese teams will consist of physicians, nurse practitioners and social workers who will stay in touch and follow up with our patients after they have taken up residence in other long-term care facilities. I cannot emphasize enough that our commitment to our patients, and to the entire industry community, is ongoing—and it extends well beyond the bricks and mortar of The Wasserman Campus.

In order to help you better understand our plans and their impact on Jane, aa social worker who is already familiar with Jane’s circumstances and needs has been assigned to work with you. Please call (818) 876-4066 to reach your social worker as soon as possible to learn more and obtain assistance with the important decisions that need to be made.

I sincerely regret the need to be sending you this letter. MPTF is justifiably proud of its acute care hospital and its Long Term Care unit, the service we provide, and the wonderful staff who serve our patients.  Unfortunately, we have no option but to close the service during the coming year.

David B. Tillman, M.D.