Hollywood Blvd. Brawl Between Batgirl and Mr. Incredible Prompts Possible Costumed Crackdown (Video)

L.A. Councilman Mitch O’Farrell intends to introduce regulatory measures next week to address the problem

Last Updated: October 23, 2014 @ 12:24 PM

Costumed characters are meant to delight and spark the imagination. While they’re usually about smiles, sometimes things can get out of hand, and a brawl this week between two people dressed as Mr. Incredible and Batgirl was anything but funny to one Los Angeles city councilman.

The fight broke out Tuesday along Hollywood Boulevard, with video showing the surreal encounter, including individuals dressed as Chewbacca, Waldo and Freddy Krueger attempting to stop the altercation. The area has become known for costumed characters and celebrity impersonators, with tourists often seen taking photos with them.

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But after a series of brawls and turf battles in recent months, councilman Mitch O’Farrell plans to introduce measures next week to address the problem, although his office did not offer specifics.

“The councilman is moving forward with ideas for positive change that people will be able to see when they visit Hollywood,” said spokesman Tony Arranaga. There were no arrests in this particular case, according to KTLA, but police are conducting an investigation.

Encounters between costumed characters have become heated in the past, with tensions often rising over territory and tourist dollars. The people working in these costumes generally charge tourists for photo opportunities.

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In 2010, an LAPD crackdown led to some arrests for what was deemed aggressive begging. Several of the people involved filed a lawsuit against the city, while the city considered but ultimately abandoned requiring permits from the people in costume.

City News Service contributed to this report