MSNBC Panelist Warns Trump Could Cancel ‘Morning Joe’ If He Wins: This Show ‘Might Not Exist Anymore’

Donny Deutsch speculates that a Trump re-election could put more than just the MSNBC show at risk

Morning Joe Donny Deutsch

“Morning Joe” panelist Donny Deutsch expressed concern that Donald Trump’s potential re-election to the White House could mean the end of the MSNBC show itself. 

Deutsch addressed “establishment Republicans” on Friday, asking, “Do you not understand that if Donald Trump wins, nothing else matters because it’s over?”

“’Morning Joe’ might not exist anymore because Donald Trump has said, as all autocrats say, what they will do,” continued Deutsch, invoking Trump’s comments that if elected, he wants the FCC reporting directly to the President. “He will cancel the show,” said the MSNBC panelist. 

Deutsch told the panel that they need to be thinking about the worst-case scenario. “Freedom is over if Donald Trump gets elected,” said Deutsch. “It’s that simple.”

“No other issue matters,” continued Deutsch. “Every other issue sprinkles down from that.”

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough agreed that his job may be in jeopardy if a Trump return to the White House is the result of the 2024 election. He said Trump is ripping a page out of the Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s playbook by seeking “control of the FCC,” so he can “decide what shows are on TV and what shows are not on TV.”

“You have liberals all the time saying ‘you need to push to have Fox News like get the FCC to investigate this and get the FCC to investigate that,’” continued Scarborough. “It doesn’t work that way, at least in this America.”

“But that’s how Donald Trump wants it to work in his America,” Scarborough concluded. 

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.