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‘Morning Joe’ Warns RNC Night 4 Could Be Coronavirus ‘Superspreader’ (Video)

Attendees crowded onto the White House’s South lawn — few with masks — to watch the fourth night of the Republican National Convention

Jonathan Lemire, Associated Press White House reporter and “Morning Joe” mainstay, told MSNBC’s audience Friday morning that the third night of the Republican National Convention was “dangerous.”

The White House’s South Lawn was filled Thursday night with attendees who crowded. Beyond the ethnical concerns of holding a political event at the People’s House, Lemire pointed out, there is a real danger the event could be a coronavirus “superspreader.” Photos and videos from the evening show few face masks.

“This is the bet that the Trump campaign people have made,” Lemire said. Let’s be upfront about this: What happened last night was dangerous. It was in violation of the president’s administration’s own health guidelines. There was no social distancing. There were no masks. The chairs were about six to eight inches apart. Most people who came into the lawn last night — we talked to White House aides — most people were not tested.”

He went on, “This was something that, indeed, could become a superspreader event.”

Lemire said that the re-election campaign was focused not only on making “beautiful T.V.,” but projecting an image of “winning” and beating the coronavirus, though the death rate numbers “fly in the face of that.”

Host Joe Scarborough said, “Again, 1,000 people — about 1,000 people — are dying per day. That’s about how many people were in the crowd last night.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.