Entire ‘Morning Joe’ Panel Literally Groans at Trump’s Promise to Testify on His Own Behalf: ‘Lies, All Lies’ (Video)

It would “be malpractice for a lawyer to let him testify under oath,” former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance tells the MSNBC panel

As Donald Trump faces weeks, if not months, in a courtroom for the 91 charges brought against him across four different indictments, the former president has promised that he’d “absolutely” testify in court if asked. Of course, the “Morning Joe” crew doesn’t buy a second of that, as they all audibly groaned at hearing that clip on Thursday morning.

Calling into “The Hugh Hewitt Show” on Wednesday, Trump said that he’d testify on his own behalf and, though he wouldn’t give Hewitt an idea of what his answers would be, went back to his typical false claim that he’s “totally covered under the law.” That prompted the “Morning Joe” hosts to all start groaning in unison, cutting off the audio.

“I mean, he’s lying on so many levels,” Scarborough said exhaustedly. “First of all, he will never testify. He’ll say ‘In two weeks! I am going to testify. In two weeks, I am going to put out my full Georgia report! In two weeks, I’m going build a rocket ship at Mar-a-Lago and fly you to the moon!’ Lies, all lies.”

Scarborough then tapped former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance to explain why Trump’s lawyers would also never let him take the stand.

“Donald Trump is not capable of taking the witness stand and telling the truth,” Vance said. “He’s not capable of following any instructions he’s given about what he can and can’t testify to.”

She noted that this particular audio clip was a good example of that in action, because Trump would try to lie on the stand and claim he was actually allowed to do the things he did, and prosecutors would file a motion to have it excluded because it’s not true.

“Trump would likely be bombastic on the witness stand, saying things that would get him into deeper trouble,” she added. “It would essentially be malpractice for a lawyer to let him testify under oath.”

You can watch the full discussion from “Morning Joe” in the video above.