MSNBC Rejects Claim That New Management a Factor in Olbermann Exit

Reporting structure not changing under Comcast, network says

MSNBC is flatly rejecting former anchor David Shuster's claim that worries about a management shakeup under Comcast played a role in Keith Olbermann's departure.

Shuster, a former fill-in anchor on Olbermann's "Countdown," asserted on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday that MSNBC President Phil Griffin would begin reporting to NBC News President Steve Capus under a new management structure imposed by Comcast once it completes its purchase of NBC Universal. Shuster said he thought Olbermann was worried his "wings would be clipped" by the added influence of NBC News.

But Griffin already report to Capus, an MSNBC rep says: "Phil has always reported to Steve. There's no change."

Comcast said in a statement Friday that it was not involved in Olbermann's exit.