MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Admits Trading Trump and Cubs Wins in Devil Pact

“I’m sorry. It had been 108 years!”

Chris Hayes
Getty Images

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes revealed on Wednesday that he might have had something to do with Donald Trump’s victory in last week’s presidential election.

A March tweet by Hayes was recently resurfaced, suggesting that the “All In” host may have made a deal with the devil in which he traded a Trump presidency for a drought-ending Chicago Cubs victory in this year’s MLB World Series.

“What if the devil himself visits me & says: ‘I can give you a Cubs World Series victory, but then Trump becomes President,’” Hayes wrote in the tweet.

British journalist Libby uncovered the tweet on Wednesday and chastised the MSNBC host, writing “can’t believe you did this.” In response, Hayes apologized and offered an excuse for his Faustian bargain: “I’m sorry. It had been 108 years!”

Hayes has been a vocal Cubs fan on social media, sharing a video of himself drunkenly singing in celebration the night they won the World Series for the first time in over a century.

At the time of Hayes’ original March 25 tweet, both Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton were the frontrunners in their respective party primaries, but neither one had received enough delegates to clinch the nomination. The Cubs, meanwhile, were still a week out from their first game of the season on April 4.