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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Trump Presidency Would Be ‘Fundamentally Dangerous to the Republic’ (Video)

”Trump in some ways has the added benefit of being able to basically say whatever he wants at any given time,“ MSNBC host tells TheWrap in the latest Drinking With the Stars

Having to choose between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is a no-win scenario, said MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in the latest episode of TheWrap’s Drinking With the Stars.

“In terms of who would be a worse president, I think you can make an argument for both,” Hayes told TheWrap’s Brian Flood on the set of his nightly show “All In.”

“I think Ted Cruz is less of a wild card,” he continued. “I also think it’s easier to predict his electoral strengths and weaknesses in a general than Trump, who’s a little more confusing.”

Because Trump “has the added benefit of being able to basically say whatever he wants at any given time,” said Hayes, it’s difficult to predict how he might fare if he comes away with the Republican nomination. Cruz, on the other hand, has a core set of ideals and a specific voter base to serve.

“I find it very hard to imagine Ted Cruz being elected president of the U.S. in 2016,” Hayes said.

But he also said that he gives serious credence to the idea that a Trump presidency could represent “something fundamentally dangerous to the republic.”

The “All In With Chris Hayes” host pointed to Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric, his encouragement of violence at his rallies and his hostility toward the press as examples of the many red flags raised throughout the primary campaign.

“There’s a special kind of badness in that, that I take seriously,” he said.