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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Rails Against Fox News ‘Puppets’ for ‘Endangering Lives’ With Coronavirus Coverage

”Morning Joe“ cohost says Fox News hosts and contributors constantly repeat President Trump’s ”quack“ ideas

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski railed against Fox News and some of its hosts on “Morning Joe” Friday for being Trump “puppets” amid the coronavirus pandemic. She also used her Twitter account to repeatedly promote a “Daily Show” clip criticizing the network.

In her monologue, she referenced Thursday night’s press briefing from President Donald Trump, during which he suggested that injecting disinfectant into human beings could kill the coronavirus, segueing into her Fox News critique: “We often try and sort of stay away from our colleagues in the business, but Fox News has several puppets for this president constantly going on the air, constantly repeating what he says verbatim, going after his quack ideas of hydroxychloroquine, trying to find quack people to put on the air to try and back up the president’s unimproved claims. Yesterday it might have been too much. It might have been too much to say that you should inject your body with disinfectant to try and get rid of the virus.”

She went on, “There are some folks on Fox News that we usually stay away from who just take these ideas and run with them because it makes Trump happy, because they speak for him, because they speak on a daily basis and get their message straight.”

Brzezinski accused some hosts on the network of working “for” Trump in spite of her hope that “Fox News will do their best.”

On Twitter, she promoted a “Daily Show” clip that showed Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs downplaying media coverage of the virus in recent weeks, writing a plea for her followers to share the video. Brzezinski then posted the same clip again and used the hashtag #PawnHannity. Posting negative nicknames is a tactic often employed by Trump himself. Hannity himself has responded to the clip featured in the “Daily Show” montage, which shows him saying the virus response is a “hoax.” He told Newsweek earlier this month, “I never called it a ‘hoax.’ I said it was a hoax for them to be using it as a bludgeon on Trump.”

She said, “we want the word to get out that there are some hosts and (of course the WH) who may been endangering lives from the beginning.”

Watch the “Daily Show” clip, which she also promoted right on the show, below.