MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd Criticize CNN’s Slowness (Video)

MSNBC called Virginia gubernatorial race first, but couldn’t get reaction — because the crowd was watching CNN

Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd had a bit of fun at CNN’s expense on Tuesday night, criticizing the rival network’s reluctance to call the Virginia gubernatorial election for Terry McAuliffe.

Maddow broke into Todd’s report to announce that MSNBC was calling the election for the Democratic candidate, asking Todd for the reaction in McAuliffe’s headquarters.

“I imagine the crowd with you there at Terry McAuliffe headquarters in Virginia is hearing this news as I say it, Chuck. What can you tell us about how people are feeling?” Maddow asked.

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It turned out that the crowd wasn’t reacting at all, as it was watching another channel.

“Actually … word hasn’t trickled in,” Todd said. “They’re watching another channel, and I’ll just leave it at that, Rachel.”

“Serves them right!” Maddow said.

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“If they get slower news, what are we supposed to do?” Todd said. “Maybe they ought to change the channel.”

As Todd continued his report, a TV behind him showed that the headquarters was watching CNN.

Watch the video: