MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Doused With Ice Water Courtesy of Fox News’ Shepard Smith (Video)

Cable news rivals participation in the “Ice Water Challenge” is for a charitable cause

MSNBC and Fox News may be rival networks, but its employees aren’t above coming together for a good cause.

Rachel Maddow allowed herself to be drenched in ice-cold water on her show Wednesday, making good on the “Ice Water Challenge” presented to her by Fox News mainstay Shepard Smith, who successfully completed the uncomfortable challenge himself earlier in July.

“I hate cold,” said Maddow nervously, with the bucket of ice water looming over her head.

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“The Rachel Maddow Show” host did not back down, however. When the freezing water finally came crashing down on her head and she screamed. Several times. “Thanks, Shep,” she added.

The rules of the “Ice Water Challenge” are simple: “Because I’m about to have a bucket of ice water dumped on my head, Smith will have to make a $50 donation to my chosen charity,” Maddow explained. “So now I am going to call out three people to be challenged, and if they agree to get the bucket of ice water dumped on them then I will make a chosen donation to my charity, which is the Andi leadership Institute.”

The three people Maddow called out are U.S. Army veteran and advocate Paul Rieckhoff, Massachusetts councilman Bill Dwight, and former Vice President Dick Cheney’s outspoken daughter, Liz Cheney.

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In addition to Smith and now Maddow, NBC anchor Brian Williams has also been soaked. Only time will tell if Maddow’s three are up to the challenge.