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MTV Movie Awards: Melissa McCarthy Crowd-Surfs to Stage, Shouts Out to Springsteen (Video)

”Who knew Bruce Springsteen could get even cooler?“ the comedian asked at the end of her speech

“The Boss” star Melissa McCarthy received the Comedic Genius award at the MTV Movie Awards, but she didn’t walk to the stage like everybody else did. Instead, she got a bit of help.

“The guy in the headphones took the stairs! Somebody’s gotta get me to the stage!” McCarthy shouted, before a group of men carried her through the crowd from the platform she’d been standing on.

After going down a list of other female comedians in her thank-you speech, she mentioned her mom, for teaching her to “lovingly go for the kill.” But she wasn’t done.

“Just one more thing, just a little P.S.,” McCarthy said. “Who knew Bruce Springsteen could get even cooler? How about that?”

Springsteen canceled a planned Sunday concert in North Carolina, citing the state’s recent passage of legislation widely criticized as anti-LGBT.

Watch the clip above.