MTV Launches Shazam-Like Mobile App Paired With

The MTV Artists app will be available for iPhone on Thursday

MTV has released a new mobile app that can identify songs like Shazam, and then connect the user to information on the artist, social media, multimedia and provide album or concert purchase opportunities.

Dubbed the MTV Artists app, the company splits its uses into three categories: Music and artist discovery, connecting with artists and exclusive access to artists.

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How does it work? The app identifies music playing around the user and then connects the user to artists’ top songs, lyrics and recommends similar artists. The user can also access artists’ bios and find archived video and interviews from Artists.MTV.Com.

Additionally, the app will provide exclusive content from the artists, connect users to their social media sites and allow the user to purchase songs and concert tickets.

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The MTV Artists app is the third app rollout for the company this year. In June, Viacom released its video apps for MTV and MTV2. Currently, they allow users to watch programming on iPhone, iPad and Xbox 360 for Xbox Live Gold.

Last month, the company released the entire season of the football reality series, “Wait ‘Til Next Year,” on the MTV video app before it premieres Friday on MTV.