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‘My Giant Life': Coco Decides to Ask Her Boyfriend for Open Relationship (Exclusive Video)

”Commitment is pressure to me,“ she says on TLC unscripted series

Coco prepares to have a very serious chat with her boyfriend in this Sunday’s episode of “My Giant Life.”

An exclusive sneak peek at the TLC unscripted series features Coco and beau Will preparing dinner after attending a party together. While they cook, Will mentions that he recently referred to Coco as his girlfriend to a number of party attendees.

“I was pretty open with Will from the beginning that I have commitment issues,” Coco tells the camera. “Commitment is pressure to me.”

She points out that although she does refer to Will as her boyfriend, she sees herself as a “free and independent chick.” This leads to her decision to inform Will that she wants an open romance.

“I’ve realized that I do really want to talk to Will about pursuing a non-traditional relationship,” Coco says. “Will will always be my No. 1, but from time to time, I’m probably going to want to see other people.”

Check out the clip above.

“My Giant Life” airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC