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‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Taking on National Geographic Reality Shows

The gang will take on ”Man v. Monster,“ ”Swamp Men“ and ”Alpha Dogs“ in ”Total Riff Off“ special set for Tuesday

The “Mystery Science Theater 3000” guys – well, the one guy and two robots – are coming back to TV. And this time it will be reality shows, rather than bad movies, that they’ll be skewering.

The trio hosted a cult series that ran for more than decade on the Comedy Channel and Sci-Fi Channel in which Michael J. Nelson and robots Tom Servo (Kevin Murphy) and Crow T. Robot (Bill Corbett) made snide, droll and almost always dead-on comments as the movie played in the background. They’ve continued to crack wise on their web site, Rifftrax.com, since leaving the air.

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Nat Geo is bringing them back on Tuesday — that’s April Fool’s Day, but the channel insists this is for real — for “Total Riff Off.” It will be three hour-long episodes featuring clips from some of National Geographic’s wackier reality shows.

From the channel’s website:

On April 1st, the guys from “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and RiffTrax are adding their very own commentary to classic National Geographic Channel programs, featuring excerpts from “Honey Badgers,” “Unlikely Animal Friends,” “Man v. Monster,” “Swamp Men,” “Alpha Dogs,” and more!