‘MythBusters’ Returns With an Experiment That Will Knock Your Socks (and Legs) Off (Exclusive Video)

The new guys blow the limbs off a dummy with an explosive airbag test

Whether you miss Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman or not, you have to admit, it looks like the “MythBusters” revival is gonna crush it — literally.

In the upcoming premiere from the 14-episode season, new hosts Jon Lung and Brian Louden enter the “MythBusters” world with an airbag test experiment that puts the safety of a synthetic cadaver at stake. The guys are trying to figure out if having your feet on the dashboard when the airbag releases after a fender bender is actually lethal.

Honestly, why risk it? Well, we guess it’s their job to roll the dice, but only with the dummy. OK, guys?

The new hosts — who were chosen to act as the show’s replacement hosts during the competition series “MythBusters: The Search” — will also attempt to “decapitate a bad guy, zombie or monster so fast, so accurately, that the head and body hold in position for a dramatic pause.”

How? By building a rocket powered sword, duh.

Watch a sneak peek of one of Lung and Louden’s first crazy experiments via TheWrap‘s exclusive preview video above.

An all-new season of “MythBusters” returns to Science Channel on Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. ET.