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‘Mythbusters’ Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage Will Bust Your Zombie Myths (Video)

Comic-Con 2014: The duo also tell TheWrap about upcoming crossover episodes, the mythbustings that shocked them most and their history in the film VFX world

“Mythbusters” hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage have seen — and busted — it all over the course of 13 seasons and 200 episodes of their popular Discovery Channel show, including what can happen to you if you become undead.

Speaking of the undead, Hyneman and Savage were almost zombie food when they stopped by TheWrap’s Comic-Con video lounge at the “Walking Dead Escape” at Petco Park to talk with Greg Gilman.

Narrowly surviving the attack, Hyneman was able to share how the “Mythbusters” crew approaches subject matter that might be a little outside the usual urban myths they unravel.

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“We’ve done a zombie episode — only one — and the way we look at it as is we understand that there probably aren’t zombies out there for real, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff we can test about them,” he said. “We’ve tested how bodies of zombies pressing against a gate, would they push it through and things like that.”

“So we can take something supernatural and find something within the world of physics we could genuinely test on it — not being undead, but what can happen when you’re undead,” Savage added.

This segued into a discussion about the show’s affinity for crossover episodes, such as the one they did on “Breaking Bad.” Hyneman and Savage promise there are more of those to come in the upcoming season, including a “Simpsons” themed show, the potential for a “Better Call Saul” ep, and another “Star Wars” show.

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The “Star Wars” universe holds a special place in the “Mythbusters” world, considering Savage worked on the films in a VFX capacity — though he’s aware the movies he worked on might not be the most impressive to most Jedi Knights. As Savage puts it, “I worked on Episode One and Two. Sorry about that.”

With new episodes still to air and shooting continuing through 2015, Hyneman and Savage are surprised and grateful to still be on the air, but they’re not in danger of running out of myths to bust. They also continue to be surprised by their own findings, like the time they tried to see what an angry bull would do while trapped amid shelves of delicate china, or when they tested the theory of whether or not an elephant really is afraid of a mouse.

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Says Hyneman, “Multiply that by hundreds of myths we’ve gone after every year, and there’s always something that knocks our socks off that we never thought would’ve happened. It can be big spectacular things, or little tiny things people are familiar with — and they’re all special in their own way.”

Watch the video above.