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‘Naked and Afraid’ Gets ‘Alone’ Edition – Watch the First Footage Here (Exclusive)

New spinoff debuts on Discover Sunday, Jan. 5

Last Updated: December 4, 2019 @ 10:28 AM

Discovery is set to debut a new edition of the survival series “Naked and Afraid” next year — with the added twist that this time, franchise veterans will be dropped into the middle of the wilderness alone.

Dubbed “The Alone Edition,” the latest “Naked and Afraid” spinoff is set to debut on Sunday, Jan. 5.

Among the franchise veterans set to take their shot at surviving alone for 21 days are Luke McLaughlin (North Carolina), Gary Golding (California), Lacey Jones (Illinois), and Max Djenohan (Washington). Each begins the Alone challenge with solo performance rating based on their previous experiences. Discovery will also air their previous appearances on the show leading up to the new episodes.

“Naked and Afraid,” the alone edition, is produced for Discovery Channel by Renegade 83. David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, and Mathilde Bittner are executive producers. Martin Cutler is co-executive producer. Gretchen Morning and Michael Gara executive produce for Discovery, with Greg Wolf serving as coordinating producer.

Watch a trailer above, and read Discovery’s full description of the series below.

Dropped in Amazon jungles, the Balkan Mountains, or the African savannah with nothing and no one to watch their backs, tensions are at an all-time high as Naked and Afraid veterans take on the most intense challenge yet – surviving 21 days completely and utterly alone. 

Together, these battle-tested survivalists have spent nearly 500 days stripped down in the wild.

While each survivalist returns to the challenge for a different reason – some to avenge a past performance, others to honor loved ones – all share the same will to overcome their fear of failure, outlast this ultimate test of survival and prove they can do it all without help from anyone else.

As they work through their respective journey finding the essentials for endurance, it quickly becomes evident the affects isolation has on an individual. After just 15 days, there are proven changes in brain chemistry that cause people to become more alert and aware, and often, more depressed and irritable. The mind is a muscle that, if not trained like the body, can quickly lose control. Without a companion to share the work with, help in precarious situations or simply lean on for emotional support, survivalists will resort to a variety of ways to stay sane. From befriending wildlife to developing and creating scenes with loved ones back home, each one has their own strategy… but will their mental toughness carry them to the finish or will their psyches crack and send them over the edge?