Nash Grier Admits He Was ‘Freaking Out’ Over His First Movie Kiss in ‘The Outfield’ (Video)

The YouTube and Vine star stopped by TheWrap to talk about his new movie co-starring Cameron Dallas and Joey Bragg

Even Nash Grier, who has more than 12 million followers on Vine, gets nervous when he has to kiss someone in public — especially when it’s his onscreen girlfriend (Caroline Sunshine) for his first feature movie, “The Outfield.”

“It’s a kissing scene where I am on the bleachers and my girlfriend comes in and I kiss her, and we start talking and I kiss her a couple more times… that was the first-ever scene of the movie, that was the first day, first hour we showed up,” he told TheWrap. “I was freaking out.”

The anxiety must have paid off. After debuting on iTunes on Nov. 10, the  Fullscreen Films production hit No. 1 on the site.

The film also stars fellow YouTube sensations Cameron Dallas and Joey Bragg as Peoria High School baseball stars who have their futures mapped out for them. But when Grier’s character discovers his gift for art, the trio’s futures are thrown into a limbo.

“It looks like it’s just a baseball movie but when you combine the script and the screenplay and everything the directors did, they tied together some really dramatic and cool stories with baseball and made it one nice long story,” Grier told TheWrap.

“I played baseball growing up for like six or seven years,” he said. “I love baseball, so when I was reading the script nine months before it ever got green lit, it was like, sports, high school, girls, I’m pretty good with these things… I always loved art.”

Grier said he could definitely see himself doing more movies, although he would love to direct, write or produce his own films.

“I don’t want to be that one actor that is hooked that just acts or does one thing,” he said. “I want to keep making my videos and stay true to where I came from …. I’ve started directing and writing a ton more, I’ve done some music videos, but I want to do some long stuff and get into producing get into storytelling and making films.”