Nathan Fielder Hires an Insane Exorcist and a Haunted Realtor in Masterful Premiere (Video)

The star of “Nathan for You” is back with even more amazingly uncomfortable business plans

Nathan Fielder used the parody coffee shop “Dumb Starbucks” last  to create a buzz for his Comedy Central show, “Nathan For You,” but he didn’t need any major stunt in the second season premiere to show why the program is one of the best on television.

As per usual with his show, a bit of human honesty was all he needed to make the magic happen.

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Fielder poses as a “business expert” on the show, and goes around Los Angeles offering his marketing advice to small business owners looking for a boost. What they get is wacky ideas that seem harmless and smart enough to potentially cook up some business; when he adds in the wildcard twists midway through the experiments, like a chef throwing in a flammable ingredient he has never before tested, the viewer generally is rewarded with a feast of jaw-dropping television.

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In this case, he advised a local real estate agent to bill herself as the “Ghost Realtor,” guaranteeing that her properties were not haunted. That, of course, required a medium to determine that the properties were without lingering spirits, which then led her to reveal that she had been choked by a ghost in Switzerland, among a bunch of other wild and glorious moments that no other comedy show could create (and no other reality show would dare try).