NBC Launches Live Streaming Service ‘TV Everywhere’

The network behind “The Voice” and “Blacklist” promises to bring viewers shows in real time at no additional cost


NBC Universal will offer a new live streaming service, allowing subscribers to access their favorite shows on all platforms as the network’s shows air,  the company said in a statement Tuesday.

Called “TV Everywhere,” the on-demand library is currently available online at NBC.com.  The service will be available 24/7 through network-owned stations and later, through affiliates as the launch expands.

NBC’s new live stream service will head to mobile devices early 2015.

“A great value proposition for viewers, NBCUniversal is committed to supporting TV Everywhere across our portfolio of brands,” the network said.

The value — there will be no additional cost to subscribers to access TV Everywhere.

NBC’s move follows in the footsteps of popular sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and even HBO where shows can be viewed on the computer, mobile devices and tablets.

The announcement comes weeks after CBS’s new venture “All Access.” As TheWrap reported in October, “All Access” will cost $5.99 per month.