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‘My Life As An Experiment’ Inspiration Makes the Best of NBC Passing on the Show

A.J. Jacobs takes to Facebook to describe “bizarre and delightful ride”

NBC has passed on the Jack Black-produced sitcom "My Life as an Experiment," according to the Esquire writer whose book provided the basis for the show — but at least A.J. Jacobs got a cool souvenir.

"Well, the NBC pilot based on 'My Life as an Experiment' didn't quite make the schedule. As the Jews say, may its memory be a blessing!" Jacobs (left) wrote on Facebook.

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He added: "I will always have the fake BlackBerry prop that I stole from the set," he wrote. "They can't take that away from me! It was a bizarre and delightful ride (except for the not getting greenlit part, I suppose)."

The show counted Black among several producers, including writers Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith. It followed a magazine writer based on Jacobs who immerses himself and his family in unusual situations for the sake of his stories. Adam Campbell, Jon Dore and Paget Brewster starred.

The decision came after NBC ordered seven other pilots to series this week ahead of its upfront presentation to advertisers Monday. Thursday's orders included the dramas "Awake," "The Playboy Club," and "Grimm."

NBC declined to comment. "My Life as an Experiment" joins "Wonder Woman" on the list of shows NBC has decided against.