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Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo’ Stars Talk ‘Marco Polo’ the Swimming-Pool Game (Video)

The Americans remember playing it as kids; the international cast members simply do not understand Americans

Netflix’s audience¬†started exploring¬†epic series “Marco Polo” on Friday, as the streaming service released all 10 episodes at once — its standard method of debuting new shows and seasons.¬†TheWrap chatted with the cast and crew about the historical aspects of the series, but one cannot talk “Marco Polo” without bringing up the children’s swimming-pool game.

In each of the three posted on-camera interviews, the aquatic game of tag came up one way or the other. Of course, we also discussed characters, exotic locations and binge-watching with each pairing at the Netflix “Marco Polo” press junket, but some participants also learned a splashy game in the process.

As one might expect, the American cast members grew up with the game about the Italian explorer, while the series’ international actors seemed to think Americans are crazy.

In playing a mock game with Mahesh Jadu and Remy Hii, Hii was glad to relive his childhood, volunteering to be “It.” Jadu, a good sport with a killer single eyebrow–raise, is perhaps more of a pool-volleyball kind of guy.

At several points during the “Marco Polo” conversations, a recurring story about wolves surrounding the cast and crew’s hotel pool in Kazakhstan darkened any fond recollection of the child’s game.

Watch our interview with Mahesh Jadu and Remy Hii:

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