Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ Renewed for Season 2

Drama follows rise of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar


Netflix has renewed “Narcos” for a second season, the streaming network confirmed to TheWrap.

The show charts the rise of Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, played by Brazilian actor Wagner Moura. The show also stars Boyd Holbrook as DEA agent Steve Murphy, “Game of Thrones” alum Pedro Pascal as his partner Javier Pena, and Luis Guzman as cartel boss Gacha.

The show has met with largely positive reviews from critics, with TheWrap’s Mekeisha Madden Toby writing:

“Even with its flaws, ‘Narcos’ is a provocative show worth the watch. For history lovers and anyone who has seen ‘Entourage’ or the documentary films ‘Cocaine Cowboys,’ ’30 for 30: The Two Escobars’ and ‘Sins of My Father,’ this series culminates every factoid and tale you know about Escobar and takes them to new heights. What an exciting undertaking.”

The show also trades in shades of gray, with no character being 100 percent good or evil, the cast and creators all agreed during the TCA summer press tour.

“This is not the show about good American cops who go to a Third World country to save the poor people from a bad guy,” executive producer Jose Padilha said. “Nobody’s good in this show. Everybody’s gray. Escobar — one of the things he did was, he put a bomb on a plane to kill one person — he brought the whole plane down. He’s obviously an evil person, a sociopath, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a soft side, for his family.”

The series is a production of Gaumont International Television. It continues Netflix’s original programming winning streak, joining hits like “Orange Is the New Black,” “BoJack Horseman,” “Sense8” and “Daredevil.”