New ‘Free Guy’ Trailer Sees Ryan Reynolds Go From Good Guy to Great Guy (Video)

Life in a video game is more than just a little chaotic when Taika Waititi is out to get you

Living as an NPC in a video game is a little chaotic. And in a new trailer for “Free Guy,” we’re taken deeper into Guy’s (Ryan Reynolds) world.

In this game, the weather is always great, but crime levels are sky-high. Drive-by shootings happen regularly, as do explosions and hostage situations. (Odds are this game is rated M for mature audiences). As Guy jokes, getting thrown out of a window while your store gets robbed is just another Monday. But for Guy, life is paradise.

“I’ve got a best friend, and I work at the bank!” Guy’s voiceover says wondrously. “I thought I had everything I needed. But then, I met her.”

Her, of course, being Jodie Comer. In “Free Guy,” Comer plays Milly, who helps Guy see the reality — er, virtual reality — of his situation. She explains that he’s part of a game, and that the creator (a very cranky Taika Waititi) is going to destroy it. Apparently, he’s “an absolute troll.”

Together, Guy and Milly must save the virtual world, all while Guy works through his existential crisis. The good news is, he can’t die! His world needs a good guy, and Guy isn’t just good — he’s great.

Along with the extended trailer came a new poster for “Free Guy,” looking every bit like the superhero movie it sort of is. Check it out below.

You can watch the full trailer here and above.


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