New ISIS Propaganda Video Threatens NYC Attack (Full Video)

FBI and NYPD say there is no “specific threat” despite video featuring images of Times Square and other Manhattan landmarks

Last Updated: November 20, 2015 @ 8:19 PM

ISIS released a new propaganda video celebrating last week’s terror attacks in Paris, the FBI’s New York office reported Wednesday.

But what had many New Yorkers on edge is the fact that the video included images of Times Square as well as footage of fighters making vague threats against both France and the U.S..

The highly produced video was scary enough that the FBI in New York tweeted out a statement letting people know that there is no “specific threat” concerning a possible attack on New York City.

“We are aware of the reporting of ongoing terrorist threats to NYC, to include the newly-released ISIS video involving Times Square,” the FBI tweeted. “These incidents reaffirm the message that New York City remains a terrorist target. While there is no specific articulable threat to the city at this time, the FBI NY JTTF continues to vigilantly work with NYPD.”

According to NBC New York, the video does not specifically focus on Times Square, but New York’s iconic tourist hub as well as Manhattan’s Herald Square are depicted in the video.

Police presence has been beefed up across New York City since Friday’s attack in Paris, particularly in crowded areas like Grand Central terminal, theaters and stores.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said earlier on Wednesday that he has no security concerns about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade next week.


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