News Corp’s Knewz Adds More Competition to the News Aggregator Field

Knewz joins longtime aggregators like Drudge Report and other newcomers like Bongino Report


News Corp launched its long-awaited aggregator Knewz this week, adding to the ever-growing list of aggregator news sites.

“Knewz is unique in that readers can, at a single glance, see multiple sources. It is not egregious aggregation but generous aggregation. There are mastheads from across the political and regional spectrum, and premium publishers will not be relegated in the rankings,” said Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corp, in a Wednesday statement.

He added, “Readers will have access to publishers large and small, niche and general, located in all 50 states. We live in a world of vexatious verticals, of crass clickbait, of polarized perspectives and fallacious, fact-free feeds – Knewz is knowing and needed.”

Thomson laid out the differences between Knewz and other aggregators, like Drudge Report and Bongino Report, which have an ideological bent. In fact, Bongino Report was launched in November 2019 by conservative Dan Bongino because he felt Matt Drudge’s infamous aggregator wasn’t conservative enough.

Reacting to the launch of Knewz, Bongino told TheWrap that his aggregator is “growing quickly.” He pointed to its recent addition to Howard Polskin’s The Righting, which tracks traffic trends among the top conservative sites every month.

“We’re not worried about competitors,” he said. “We welcome them.”