Newsmax’s Election Week Ratings Skyrocket 183%, Still Lags Far Behind Major Cable News Networks

President Trump has encouraged viewers to defect from Fox News to Newsmax, but so far, the conservative channel’s audience remains small

Newsmax, a conservative commentary channel helmed by an ally of President Donald Trump’s, saw a ratings boost of 183% around the election as the president encouraged viewers to defect from Fox News. Even with the surge, it’s still doing poorly in the ratings overall.

According to Nielsen Media Research ratings data, Newsmax got 72,000 average total viewers during the week preceding the election. The week of the election, Newsmax got 204,000 average total viewers. That amounts to a 183% increase, but the other cable news networks also all saw increases. CNN, for instance, saw an increase of 186% from 1.37 million total average viewers up to 3.92 during election week. In the week before the election, Fox News commanded 2.73 million total average viewers, moving up to 3.48 million the week of.

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Lindsey Ellefson

Media reporter • • Twitter: @ellefs0n