Newsmax Caves as Anchor John Bachman Refers to ‘President-Elect’ Joe Biden

Newsmax announced in November it would not be calling the race for Biden

John Bachman

As electors cast their votes for president on Monday, Newsmax’s John Bachman twice referred to Joe Biden as the “president-elect,” despite his employer’s earlier vow to do no such thing.

“The Electoral College votes are being cast today. Here’s video of four states — New York, New Hampshire, Arizona and Illinois — all certifying the election for President-elect Joe Biden,” Bachman said during “John Bachman Now.”

On Nov. 7, when every other major news outlet declared Biden the winner after four days of ballot-counting, Newsmax released a statement saying the conservative commentary network would not call Biden the winner or president-elect. That decision was in keeping with President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede on the baseless grounds that he believes widespread voter fraud led to Biden’s victory.

A spokesperson for Newsmax pointed TheWrap to a piece published Sunday that outlines its strategy going forward.

“Newsmax and many other critics of the election results will accept the declaration of the Electoral College of the new president-elect,” the piece read. “Still, Newsmax plans to continue its coverage of Trump’s challenges to the results and any new evidence of voting irregularities.”

Newsmax’s Nov. 7 statement read, “At this time, Newsmax is not calling Joe Biden the winner. The election remains very close and Pres. Trump continues to contest results in several states. … All votes should be counted. The media should not make the determination of the winner under these circumstances.”

See a clip from Bachman’s Monday show below.

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