Newsmax’s Sean Spicer Vows to Sue Biden Over Military Academy Firing (Video)

The “Spicer & Co.” host was among the 18 Trump appointees to U.S. military academy boards who received resignation requests Wednesday from the president

Sean Spicer, the Newsmax host and first press secretary of the former Trump administration, said he plans to sue the Biden administration after the president requested the resignations Wednesday of the military academy board members appointed by Trump who remained in their roles.

“I will not be submitting my resignation, and I will be joining a lawsuit to fight this,” Spicer said on the air Wednesday during his Newsmax show “Spicer & Co.”

Sean Spicer was among 18 appointees who received the resignation request letters, which said they had until the end of the day to do so or they would be fired. Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, former White House budget office director Russ Vought and national security adviser H.R. McMaster were also included.

“I won’t ever question how anyone chooses to serve this country. I won’t question how you choose to do that, Jen,” Spicer said about his role on the Naval Academy board while referring to Biden press secretary Jen Psaki, who discussed the letters earlier in the day during her media briefing. “But don’t you dare minimize or question my service to this nation. You got it?”

Conway, who sat on the Air Force Academy board, called the resignation request “petty and political, if not personal” in a letter to Biden she posted to Twitter.

“I’m not resigning, but you should,” Conway said in the letter.

Vought also said he would be declining the request and posted his letter to Twitter.

“No. It’s a three year term,” Vought wrote.

Watch the Sean Spicer segment in its entirety here or above.


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