Newsweek Lets Fly at the Trump Administration With ‘Snakes on a Plane’ Cover

Publication says that The Donald’s White House “may be the most corrupt in U.S. history”

Newsweek Trump Snakes on a Plane

The latest issue of Newsweek slams the Donald Trump administration as “the most corrupt in U.S. history” with a bold cover referencing the 2006 Samuel L. Jackson film “Snakes on a Plane.”

The cover depicts administration officials straddling a “government air” plane as Trump throws cash in the air. The cover story itself, written by Alexander Nazaryan, highlights the expenses of cabinet members using government planes.

The story goes on to highlight how the administration’s behavior runs counter to the “drain the swamp” campaign slogan that drew so much praise prior to the election.

Since it was unveiled on Thursday morning, the cover has been met with cheers by some and jeers from others.

“Best. Cover. Ever,” hailed one user. “Can’t wait for the Trump tweet about how Newsweek is failing fake news, or something,” wrote another.

See the cover and more reactions below: