Nick Cannon Fools ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges With Mime Prank (Video)

Disguised talent-show host gives audiences a fright

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 9:39 AM

“America’s Got Talent” viewers held their breath as a disgruntled mime contestant began to rush the judge’s table on Tuesday’s broadcast.

The judges had given his performance a lackluster review, which appeared to enrage the performer.

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Howard Stern tried to level with the mime but he continued to protest.

“Where do you guys get off telling me how to mime?” he asked in a Southern accent. “You know how hard it is to not talk? Do you know how hard it is to not talk? No, you don’t, cause all you do is run your mouth, Howard. That’s all you do. You’re a moron. That’s what you are. A moron!”

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As the mime rushed the stage, it all turned out to be an elaborate hoax as Nick Cannon revealed himself.

Howie Mandel laughed hysterically as Cannon showed the process he went through to fool the judges.

Watch the video: