Nick Cordero Receives Temporary Pacemaker in Ongoing Coronavirus Treatment

Broadway star has been hospitalized since March and recently had a leg amputated

Nick Cordero
Getty Images

Broadway’s Nick Cordero has undergone surgery to receive a temporary pacemaker due to coronavirus complications, the actor’s wife, Amanda Kloots, said in a Friday Instagram story.

“It looks like he had some irregular heart-beating last night that scared them enough to want to do a temporary pacemaker in Nick’s heart,” Kloots said on Friday. “His heart is functioning well, but he has had these dips in his heart rate for a little while now. This one last time apparently was enough that it requires them to do this procedure to put a temporary pacemaker in his heart.”

She said the procedure went well and Cordero is “recovering well” from the operation.

Cordero, who originated the role of Sonny in the 2016 Broadway production of “A Bronx Tale: A Musical,” and earned a Tony nomination for his performance in “Bullets Over Broadway,” has been hospitalized since last month after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Earlier this week, one of Cordero’s legs was amputated due to what Kloots described as “blood issues” stemming from a life-support device. “It was literally to save his life, and it did, thank God. And sometimes the repercussion of putting that machine on can cause some blood issues, and it did with his leg,” she explained.

Kloots added that Cordero has now tested negative for coronavirus two times and doctors are now focusing on recovery. He is scheduled to be taken off the ventilator next week.